Get $10,000 to $5 Million in Cash For Your Small Business!

Creek Capital Fund

A Trusted Leader In Alternative Small Business Financing.

Creek Capital has a variety of solutions to meet any of your business needs.

Since 2015, Creek Capital, Inc. has been a trusted leader in alternative small business financing. We are a company who looks after the needs of our clients through technology, transparency, and ease of use. This philosophy is the cornerstone of how we run our business.

Get approved in 24 hours


An automated collection process. No need to remember due dates or write checks.

Exponential Growth

A simple application process and dedicated customer support.

No Collateral Needed

Unlike a traditional loan, qualification is based primarily upon your sales history

Unlocking Opportunities, Igniting Growth

With our flexible loans and personalized approach, we offer the financial support needed to fuel business growth and expansion. Whether it’s investing in new equipment, expanding operations, or seizing new opportunities, our goal is to be the catalyst that propels businesses toward their full potential, helping them thrive in today’s competitive landscape.